Our Inspiration

Vintage Canvas Prints was founded by Skyler Peters in 2016 as a platform to share some of the images that his mother collected over the course of her life. Marta Peters sadly passed away in 2006 from colon cancer. She was always drawn to the innocence and playfulness of the turn-of-the-century illustrations you see on Vintage Canvas Prints. Skyler, through his business, works to keeps her spirit alive by putting her playfulness and love into the homes of others.

Skyler Peters is a 28-year old aspiring entrepreneur currently living in Long Beach, California. He grew up in San Luis Obispo in a house filled with the images seen on Vintage Canvas Prints and fondly remembers the whimsical illustrations his mother lovingly placed throughout their home adding a sense of magic and wonder to his childhood. For Skyler, these prints serve as a nostalgic tribute to the childhood fantasies that exist within each of our minds, but somehow continue to feel real, no matter our age.